Brno, a rest

Written by Cliff on Wednesday 17 September 2008 at 12:18 am
[image of brno]

Brno – a blank in my memory. Only two hours south of beautiful Prague by train, Brno is light years away from its capital. Its a workers; town, a cost haven for many automobile companies wishing to take advantage of its relatively cheaper workforce. Its a vibrant city with only 2.5% unemployment and a limited cultural heritage. Indeed, one can say that there is little to do in a city of 400,000 inhabitants. I took a peek in its shopping mall, watched a movie and bought blueberries in its open-air market.

That was all.

It was here that we recharged our batteries. We checked our email like there was no tomorrow and played computer games with fervour. We had too much Pilsner, too much meat and too much sleep. Brno is definitely a good pit stop if you are in the middle of Europe looking for rest.

Praha, a walk

Written by Cliff on Tuesday 16 September 2008 at 1:29 am

8.42pm – we are entering the Czech Republic. Soft, timber-clad hills and rolling plains of golden wheat rush past. Puffy opal clouds gather around the setting sun as we shake to Prague on the Eurorail… ……

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