The second half of 2011

Written by Cliff on Monday 8 August 2011 at 12:22 pm

As the world’s leading financial institutions brace for global economic collapse, citizens are already panicking in the streets. Civilian violence has spilled out from the Middle East’s Egypt and Syria into more developed countries. Only last week, riots in London resulted in looting and vandalism of civilian property in the city. The government has condemned the violence to no avail. Paramilitary action in Lebanon, Israel, Sudan and Libya have begun to spin out of control as their primary sponsors begin pulling out of managing offshore ‘projects’, refocussing on onshore crises. Debt talks in the USA have netted nothing out of the disagreements between the two ruling parties in the Senate. It appears that democracy in its American form is unable to provide a solution to the stand-off. Meanwhile, the USA credit rating has been downgraded by its own rating agency, Standard and Poors. Inflation in China has been reported to hit 600% for commodities such as pork and edible oils. Such inflation has not been witnessed since the Deutschemark revolution in the aftermath of World War II.

Companies had their bailout. Who will bail out countries? It seems that the only way forward is for ethical private enterprise to step forward and assume control of public institutions such as education, roads and infrastructure. Business-managed territories such as Ada (Michigan), Singapore, Hong Kong and the tax havens around the world seem impervious to damage to the global breakdown of governance. As citizens begin to realise that governance in any form is susceptible to corruption, lobbying and the ten commandments, they too must realise that progress towards a better quality of life is only possible if they are bound by a common purpose in life. The world is still big enough for us all, if we can take off our blindfolds and accept this century’s paradigm shift.

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