Convoluted CalDav setup

Written by Cliff on Tuesday 4 December 2012 at 7:19 pm

This afternoon we tried to set up a CalDav setup on a Windows computer. It was terrible.
Assuming you have turned on the service in OSX Server, using a web browser, go to


You will see a listing of sorts.
Under “Collection Listing”, you will see /Calendar, among other things. That’s the folder containing the ICS files of that user’s initial calendar.

Now, using another account, share a calendar with the same [USERNAME].
Accept the invitation in an iCal client.

Refresh http://[DOMAIN]:8008/calendars/users/[USERNAME]/

A string will appear in the listing. E.g. 0f0d2bee-796b-4e06-90f4-87caa6b3d822
This is the shared calendar’s shortcut. Unfortunately, it is different for each user you share it to.

Now the best CalDav calendar client for Windows is probably Thunderbird / Lightning. You can download Thunderbird (free) and using Thunderbird, download the Lightning calendar add-on.

Click “New Calendar”, select “Network” and the most important, type this into the “Location” textbox:
or if you have multiple calendars:

You will then be able to add the CalDav calendars to your Windows calendar client. At this time, you’d probably be using a Mac or an iPhone and wondering why you bothered with Microsoft in the first place.

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