On the use of slides for communicating things

Written by Cliff on Friday 24 May 2013 at 5:23 pm

Sometimes, when we become so accustomed to PowerPoint or other slideshow software, our communication using such tools can muddle our thoughts and confuse our audience. PowerPoint (I’ll use this term because it’s so ubiquitous), arranges our thoughts in a series of separate panels. Sometimes, we try to fill slides and lose track of our mission to communicate ideas. One has to avoid this. To do so, one can start with the big picture in mind. Usually, a mind map is a useful tool. Then each idea and idea tree can be put onto a set of slides. Prezi (www.prezi.com) also forces one to focus on the ideas at hand. So to summarise:

  1. Have something you need to communicate to an audience.
  2. Draw your mindmap.
  3. Use the map to plan your slideshow / speech.
  4. Amaze.

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