Arrival in London

Written by Cliff on Sunday 6 July 2008 at 11:31 pm

10:30 – Interlude – I’ve walked around in London for 4 hours already. At 7am, I dropped off my suitcase at King’s Cross Station, then I headed to a weekend market off Shoreditch. It was a sorry sight. Asians sold pirated VDs, negroes sold clothes, electrical pieces and whites sold fresh produce and clothes. The heavy sky added no colour to the scene. Buyers were mostly blue-collar and there was no café to be found.

Turning back, I stopped by a Starbucks adjacent Bishop’s Gate to use the bathroom. Consequently, I had to buy a hot chocolate and a muffin. I then took time to read the Sunday Times. There is, apparently, a knife problem in the City, which is feeling the squeeze in gas prices.

Seeing the time ~10am, I got off at Bank station and walked to St. Paul’s Cathedral. That station itself had been closed off for ‘engineering works’. I was hoping to hear a service at the venerable monument, so I sat down in the hall and began to write. I got more than I bargained for, and at 11.00, the choir began to sing Mozart’s Coronation Mass.

So I had my first communion.

A flimsy flake of flour and a sip of sweet wine from a silver cup that everybody drank from. It was a holy experience…

Some time afterwards, I headed to Leicester Square to see Covent Garden market. Many tours were there. Notably, I saw a group of young Chinese, about 12 yeas old hanging around. They were wearing, amongst others, E. Armani glasses, Armani shirts, designer pants and super-expensive shoes. They were carrying massive shopping bags of god-knows-what. Such are the youth of today. I lament.

At about 5.30, I boarded the train to Newcastle.

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  1. Ed says:

    That was a fulfilling day, and marks the beginning of a casual learning holiday!! Welcome to England, and the rest of Europe!!!

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