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Composed by Cliff

This page lists out some books that a litigation lawyer in Hong Kong will generally need, but you can always check out the law notes beforehand.

Criminal Law

General and Evidence
Archbold Hong Kong
Cross & Tapper on Evidence
Hong Kong Evidence Casebook, Simon Young
Phipson on Evidence, Common Law Library
Evidence, Bruce & McCoy

Crimes of Deceit and Dishonesty
The Theft Acts, Edward Griew

Securities Crimes
Market Abuse Regulation, Dr. Edward Swan

Sex Crimes
Sexual Offences Law and Practice, Rook & Ward

Civil Law


Company Law
Gore-browne on Companies
Company Directors: Duties, Liabilities, and Remedies, S. Mortimore QC

Contract Law
Treitel on Contract

Equity & Trusts
Commentary and Cases on the Law of Trusts and Equitable Remedies, Hayton & Marshall

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  1. cris says:

    Hi, I’ve decided not to take the PCLL conversion exams in Jan 2017 but have just (stupidly) purchased an up to date list of textbooks for the following subjects (even includes 2015 editions just released):
    – HK constitutional law
    – criminal procedure
    – HK legal systems
    – commercial law
    – business associations
    – HK land law
    If anyone is interested in buying these from me, pls text or WA me on 59951989. Thanks

  2. Legal resources says:

    Hi everyone,
    I graduated from HKUSPACE two years ago. I have all the legal notes for PCLL, such as:
    Civil Procedure
    Criminal Procedure
    Commercial Law
    Business Associations
    Hong Kong Constitutional Law
    Hong Kong Legal System
    Hong Kong Land Law

    I am willing to offer a fair price for these notes.Please feel free to contact me at
    Thank you.

  3. Cliff says:

    Hmm… guesss not!

  4. srinivasan says:

    I am going to take up conversion exams in june 2013. i am writing only the top up exams – HK constitution, legal systems and land law. can any one suggest me:-
    1) notes at viperfusion
    2) other notes if someone has
    3) suggested books

  5. srinivasan says:

    I have to take up PCLL conversion exams for HK legal systems, constitutional law, land laws. kindly suggest me books for all 3 subjects. the best and easy ones such that I pass the exam.

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