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University Notes of Varying Calibre
This page contains links to digital files that Cliff Lui and other learned friends have created for Hong Kong university subjects including business, substantive law (LLB) notes, and procedural law (PCLL) notes. More recently, our authors have also contributed notes for the notorious conversion examinations.

Only notes with which our authors have passed the relevant exams are published here.

Following are some guidelines to note before you download any of the documents to avoid your papers being marked as plagiarized and / or copyright infringements.

  1. Always put down the author(s)’ name(s) and year of the relevant document’s publication as a footnote or directly following the concept you have used. E.g.: Law can have nothing to do with morality, but since law is usually a manifestation of social norms, i.e. “law generally shapes what society deems as acceptable,” it can be said that some aspects of morality have tight pairings with the law in most countries (Lui H.S. 2005 Law and Morality). This, of course, does not apply to template papers such as skeletons, statements of claim, etc.
  2. Do not blatantly copy and paste sections. Always synthesize the material before using it. We do that, you should do it too.
  3. Password requests should be emailed to the webmaster.
  4. I realise that any mistakes in the documents are the author’s cause but I or whoever co-authored the document shall not be liable for any pecuniary damage / loss resulting from their use.
  5. Now, go download.

By downloading the documents, you agree to have had read and have knowledge of the above declaration(s).
Yes, I understand; show me the notes!

Please ask any law-related questions in our forum.

» Link to VF legal forums
» Link to academic articles in the Scoop
» Link to old Companies Ordinance (Cap 32) PDF file
» Director’s Duty to Confess (Lusina Ho with some by Cliff)
» Article on Conversion Exams

PCLL Notes

The following kenotes are kindly provided by my very learned friend, Ken, and are, if specified, for minor topics under a main subject. Ken is very learned. Kenotes may well be more comprehensive than Cliffnotes.

Conversion Notes (VF, TL and TM-Notes)

Past Contributors
Cliff, Ken, Tracy, Fontaine, Terence

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  1. Raymond says:

    Dear Cliff,

    I am desparately looking for PCLL Conversion exam notes for Commercial Law and Civil Procedure ? Could you help ? One thousand thanks.

  2. Cliff says:

    @Van – I would believe that notes are written based off a person’s understanding of the primary materials. Where you find incoherence in secondary materials, you can refer to notes to straighten your understanding.

  3. J says:

    I have a full set of the latest commercial A B and C notes along with Land Law and also Hong Kong Legal Systems notes all from HKU Space, would anyone have some constitutional notes… would be very useful!! thanks in advance!

  4. van says:

    Hi Cliff,
    I am wondering the set of notes that you provided here for business association, is it of supplementary or do you think it covers enough for exam? The reason I ask this qs is that some people criticise Stott’s incoherence so I do not want to risk. Thanks for sharing, this website is really useful:)

  5. Cliff says:

    @Sammy – for business associations, please see Ann Carver or Vanessa Stott, but I’m not familiar with the conversion process. Best to review the reading list provided by the educational institution.

  6. Sammy says:

    Dear Cliff,

    Do you have any recommendations on most appropriate books to focus on for the Business Association PCLL Conversion exam?? Special thanks for T’s notes – passed my Commercial exams using those notes. Better than the HKU prof.


  7. Cliff says:

    @Hannah – there are no more conversion notes save for T’s.

  8. Bester Lateinlehrer says:

    Nice. You’re a really good author, keep up the great work!

  9. Hannah says:

    Hi Cliff,

    Are there any other relevant materials for evidence other than Terrence’s notes? Thank you very much for the sharing.

  10. Cliff says:

    @Nickie – the conversion notes are valid subject to changes in the law.

  11. Cliff says:

    Hi Peter – Terence just did parts B and C. For your case, make sure that you will need to do part A, otherwise it will be wasted time!~

  12. Peter says:

    Hi cliff,

    I saw that you have commercial law from Terence, but it only has Part B and Part C; would there be a Part A perhaps missing?



  13. o-dawg says:

    Hi Cliff,

    Nice job on the website. Im interested in checking out your evidence midterm exam. Could you kindly send the password to my email? Thanks

  14. Nickie says:

    Just wanted to confirm Vivian’s query below as well as my own–are the conversion notes are valid for 2012 conversion exams? thanks for uploading these notes!

  15. Cliff says:

    Hi Vivian, the conversion notes listed are intended for the conversion exams so they might not be relevant for the PCLL since the PCLL syllabus assumes subjects covered under conversion have already been examined.

  16. vivian says:

    Hi Cliff,
    How are you? First of all, thanks so much for your and your friend’s generosity in uploading your notes on this great website-it is very much appreciated!
    just wondering: this will probably sound like a silly question but for the “conversion notes” above-they are for the PCLL Conversion exam right? and are they the most updated version ready for the January 2012 exams?
    thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon!

  17. Kary says:

    I only see a transcript for plea in mitigation but nothing in relation to bail. (?!)

  18. Cliff says:

    Hi Kary – please check the list! Should be somewhere in there.

  19. Kary says:

    Hi Cliff!

    Do you have any notes/scripts for bail applications? (crim advocacy).

    Thanks 🙂

  20. Rosh says:

    Hi Cliff do you have any notes on Company law and Land law please.

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