About ViperFusion

Composed by Cliff

Before the time of Blogger and Xanga, etc. ViperFusion sought to bring together friends and their life stories scattered by the increasingly mobile economy of the world, much like a pretty forum. Unfortunately, trends have shown that people preferred to have their own designs and their own secrets. They preferred their own nests and not one big communal nest where things were more transparent even if the scattered nests were linked heavily to each other. In other words, ViperFusion chased down the wrong road to profitability.

The result is that ViperFusion has closed its doors as a communal respite but continues to operate as a tribute to its founder, Terence Ma. Cliff Lui has acquired the name to continue its heritage of showcasing individual creations and thoughts.

The original version of the ‘about page’ follows:

Through the Internet, not only can this be done, it can be done anytime, anywhere. ViperFusion offers the place for our friends to share life’s most interesting moments with others. It also allows friends to showcase their most profound interests and creations, for example: art; designs; music; software; programs and photographs to name but a few.

We foresee a bright future, where friends cannot become lost, where friendship blossoms everyday, where lives are shared, where pains are ameliorated and joy is cherished. ViperFusion – the new paradigm for friendship – by friends, for friends – anytime, anywhere.


Written in 2006

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